I had been unwilling to dive into the Facebook phenomenon.  It seemed a frivolous pursuit, plus I don’t live a life of adventure so what would be the point? No great pictures to post, nothing to see here folks.

But for my 50th birthday my husband treated me to a fabulous stay at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu.  Of course I felt THIS was worth posting so I started my Facebook account. I embraced the connections with family and friends that Facebook facilitates. People I hadn’t seen since high school were now a part of my digital life.

And I met new friends.  Complete strangers who liked my political diatribes and shared my views.  Enter CG Blade.  He liked my comments and I liked his comments.  Eventually he asked if I would be interested in reading his first book, Cobalt and give him some feed back.  Of course I would love to and promptly ordered the book.  Since CG asked for comments I felt free to contact him with the “you missed a period here, or need a capital there” feedback.  I was honored to be asked and I took it seriously wanting to help a friend succeed in even the smallest way.

CG was very receptive and thankful for my input so when I came to a part in his book that didn’t please my biologist training I let him know.  Again, he welcomed my input and the recommended changes were embraced.  CG encouraged me to take it further. He became my muse, opening my mind to a new pathway in life.  Now I am editing his next book in the trilogy, Crimson.

CG I thank you for your friendship, encouragement and kind words.  Now get busy and type because I’m dying to know what’s next for Petra!

CG Blade and Pseudosynth Press

One thought on “CG Blade and Pseudosynth Press

  • December 30, 2015 at 1:29 am

    I just happened to run across this post while checking my social accounts and I am honored and humbled by this amount of support and kindness from someone whom I now share a deep friendship with. Cindy is truly a Godsend and somehow showed up when I needed her most. Maybe things do happen to people for a reason. My life is a bittersweet battle with chronic pain. On one hand I can no longer function as most humans do standing erect. My multiple back surgeries left me in a state of limbo so I had no other recourse but to trudge on. I don’t sit on my laurels easily. What do I do, I’m an engineer dammit!? I do what I always do. Give myself a fighting chance. My wife Jackie knew I loved writing (I told her twenty-years-ago I wanted to be a writer ever since college) and three years ago I started 7,000 words of Cobalt from watching two documentaries. One on Meredith NY and their struggle with wind power. The other was on CERN and the particle collider. I soaked up all of this information and stored it in my grey mass while taking notes in several journals for months. The biggest question was: “Why cant I regenerate?” Cobalt, Crimson, and Heliotrope were born.
    It has been a rough road learning all of the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of publishing. Nothing was out there in the digital world but slime seeing you coming from a mile away wanting a credit card. I now give my time and advice freely to those who need it. I now review books for free and design book covers when I am not writing. Its my calling and it was ‘an epiphany’. I have to admit when I wrote the last word of Cobalt which was the word ‘everywhere’, I cried. Like a ten-year-old schoolgirl, a 6’2″ Greek man cried. I have never done that before. But now my life is very different and although I am in constant pain I am the happiest I have ever been writing. Just knowing I have met great people like Cindy who through some higher power have brought us together to make the Trinity Series a reality is a real pleasure . Thank you for your support and a kick in the syntax butt when I need it. I am a VERY picky person when it comes to who I share my life’s work with, who I trust to have my back. (This stems from years of engineering, its all in the details) At the same time, humans need to let their guard down once in a while and trust and when we do sometimes magic happens. Not everyone is a Pseudosynth. I wish you the best in your life and I hope our collaboration and partnership continues for years to come. CG Blade


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