Honda TL 125. Overlooking Lake Selmac, Selma, Oregon 1982
Honda TL 125. Overlooking Lake Selmac, Selma, Oregon 1982

I learned to ride motorcycles before I learned to drive a car. My brother Daniel gifted my sister and I with his beat up old Honda TL125. I quickly claimed it for myself riding it everyday after school.

There was no one to teach me the finer points of riding, or even join me on my rides. It was a solo pursuit that left me shakey, scared and exhilarated. I fell…. a lot. The bike broke down…. a lot. I froze…. a lot.  I loved every minute on that little motorcycle.

I taught myself how to remove that tiny little carburetor, clean out the gunk and reinstall it just so I could get back home. I learned that as I lay bruised on the ground with my little TL redlining because the throttle was jammed in the dirt that if I just opened the choke I could kill the engine. That was my only kill switch, the choke.

I learned that I always wanted to be a motorcyclist.

Becoming a Biker

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  • December 27, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    I love this story and I am glad we met. Thanks for taking the time to make my life a little better. Best wishes to you and Vic. CG


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